Thoughts on Healing

Please accept this as an offering of a process that is helping me, I share it because something in here may help you…
I’m watching the comments on FB, news etc expressions of feelings ranging spectrum from disbelief, fear, anger, grief to rejoicing, shaming and jubilation. I invite you to with as little self-indulgence as possible, quickly and fully release these feelings and move into a state of acceptance and personal responsibility for the state of our internal and external world.

This is healing! We are being called to the highest form of healing…we are prepared for it!

I believe that healing myself allows others permission to do the same and while the healing process is not going to look identical for any 2 beings, there are steps that scientific process has demonstrated we are all going to go through.

As I reflect on the thoughts I am having…I ponder:

  • Did I go through my grieving steps too quickly?
  • Did I go through my steps before the election results ever came out?
  • Am I still in denial?
  • Have I transcended the whole grief process and taken a ‘spiritual bypass’?
  • Have I been triggered into an old survival pattern that mirrors hero/martyr archetype where I deny my feelings to function ‘in service’ of others?

I seriously don’t know the answer to these questions and maybe one, more or none of these are true. MAYBE I just see the world differently (graced by a divine guidance system that protects me).

The external circumstance causing so much pain is that Trump won the election and Hillary lost the election. EVERYTHING else being said is a speculation, projection and most of it can be whittled down to fear, grief or anger SO back to what I KNOW, whichever candidate won the other would lose and whoever is on the ‘other-side’ of the winner is culturally expected to grieve.

But is that really true? I’m not convinced…the same is true for sports and other competitions. I ask myself, ‘What does good sportsmanship look like and how can we display that…in this circumstance?’ How can we create shared meaning and work together?

SO the next thought that is travels through my mind, AND I fully recognize that this thought is driven and fueled by my identification of myself, as a person who has dedicated so many of years to spiritual practice and healing my life with the intention of shining radiantly in this world in service to others.

Oftentimes, I have put in effort, done faithful and arduous work towards a goal and the things that come as the fruit of my effort surprised and sometimes even shocked me…

I’ve so many times stood ready for ‘victory’ (e.g. the fulfillment of my preferences) and instead was faced with “seriously, this is what I signed up for…? …Holy shit my sub/un conscious mind must be a f’ing mess!”

It’s true more times than I care to re-count…but the repeated experience has taught me a few things I’d like to share about a process (series of actions and thoughts) that has created as many miracles as times I’ve found myself in a state of dis-belief:

  1. Breathe – start immediately!! smooth out your breath (inhale same length as the exhale)
  2. Put all of your energy to focus on this present moment — not what you thought or expected this moment to be; not what the cultural norm tells you this moment will be”…but seriously fully WHAT is happening in this moment for you
  3. Accept and realize that whatever is in front of you is EXACTLY what is supposed to be happening (arguing will waste precious energy and resources)
  4. Be a witness and ride the wave of whatever is present in this moment as skill-fully as you can (I’ve never surfed an ocean wave BUT I can imagine that is a perfect analogy). Consider, What does it take for me to be on this board and stable and flowing? ‘SHOWBOATING’ causes crashing so it is best to avoid that behavior…
  5. I also remind myself: I’m not in control of this, but my intuition has prepped me to be ready for this; and it’s all about the skill in balancing and keeping steady whilst surrendered to faith in goodness and my safety. A prayer that I often cling to is: “This is perfect, that is perfect, when the perfect is taken from the perfect all that remains is the perfect”…

PLEASE hear me, because I offer this as a perspective that may help you navigate this time…I have experience being in places others would judge as precarious, dangerous, devastating, abusive and unbearable. I AM TELLING YOU that regardless of the truth of how ‘horrible’ the external situation appears…focusing or even stating this negative perspective, IS NOT HELPFUL! Instead what helps and where I’ve found that the magic happens is at the edge of the cliff…

Dearest friends one might say we are sitting on the edge of cliff and I beeseech you to get steady and hold in your heart higher values, be careful to take actions consistent with your higher values.

  • Be compassionate to those seemingly most unworthy of your compassion;
  • serve and protect those more vulnerable who are within your reach;
  • BUT utmost keep your center and keep the faith that goodness exists in all of us…
  • do not engage with lower vibration actions (engagement continues and fuels the infinity loop of action/reaction)…
  • call into as gently, compassionately and skillfully the ‘higher vibration’ infinity loop…the one that matches our goodness and divine potential…
  • whatever and wherever you can…hold the belief that everything is as it should be and
  • be an open channel for healing to occur!

WE DON’T KNOW, but I suggest we must be open to living our lives aligned with values of goodness and faith or we merely repeat the pattern of the lower vibration from a place of righteous indignation and judgement!

More to follow on a different perspective on compassion…be well and be gentle with yourself and others!
In loving service! Christine