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We saw him running toward us, his head hanging forward at almost a 90 degree angle from his collar bones. This structural imbalance a stark contrast to his strong muscle defined legs and calves, blue running shorts and taut body. Each step a deliberate measured cadence, without discussion or hesitation, my husband, I and our […]

Thoughts on Healing

Please accept this as an offering of a process that is helping me, I share it because something in here may help you… I’m watching the comments on FB, news etc expressions of feelings ranging spectrum from disbelief, fear, anger, grief to rejoicing, shaming and jubilation. I invite you to with as little self-indulgence as […]


CHRISTINE’S THOUGHTS ON PERSPECTIVE: Just as a prism reflects light into a spectrum of colors (the rainbow) and we know that there is no value in asking ‘which is the correct or right color?’  They all exist, some of us have favorite colors and some of us are going to take a few of the […]

Outer is ALWAYS a reflection of the Inner

This morning, I had several outrageously disproportionate emotional outbursts of loss and grief. Hours later, I would discover that the trigger was merely a miscommunication and not a real circumstance at all, confirming once again, that everything we experience is a reflection of our “inner condition”. The emotional pressure had been building for days (almost a […]