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What People are Saying…

“I’ve attended several of Christine’s “Let’s Do Lunch: Homemade Food, Good Company and Conscious Conversation” gatherings. I always take away some unique insight or inspiration that gives me practical and uplifting support for my work, relationships, or volunteer activities.

Christine has a unique gift for bringing out enlightening concepts in a clear and understandable way, and is respectful of each individuals’ diverse and unique backgrounds and faith traditions.

In today’s cluttered and demanding world, these discussions are a bright spot in my week and help bring focus to what matters, pursuing the goals that mean the most to me. Christine never fails to share practical, inspirational wisdom!”

I saw the FaceBook event for Reiki I and II attunement and I immediately knew I had to do it.

I and another soon-to-be Reiki practitioner started the day with Christine in an open, dynamic, and informative discussion. Christine clearly explained the material, and we also participated actively. We then had the Reiki I attunement with time to journal afterwards and put thoughts to paper, the experience so unique to each of us. After a delicious lunch, we focused on the Reiki symbols and then had the Reiki II attunement. After that opening experience, we were ready to start practicing healing on each other. Christine provided guidance, support, and encouragement as we felt Reiki’s light for the first time.

The day was a beautiful, organic gathering. Christine is clearly very knowledgeable and shares from the heart. I would highly recommend the Reiki I and II attunement session with Christine. Life-changing and powerful indeed, and I am grateful. I am amazed that the timing worked out, and that it was exactly what I needed… Thank you!”

“I was attuned to Reiki II by Christine. Not only was she knowledgeable and enthusiastic, but the effects have been very powerful in my life. She was great to work with and I’d recommend it to everyone!”

“While I have meditated on my own before, I didn’t have any education on the subject. Christine’s three week sessions were a great way to learn more about different ways to meditate. The experience was so much more powerful when done in a group. The sessions reinforced what we were learning each week so I was better able to practice at home.

Christine is a knowledgeable and patient teacher. I applaud her for making a difference in people’s lives and spreading the message of how important meditation is for individuals as well as the impact is has on community and the world. Thanks, Christine!”

“I received more pleasure and insight around yoga from an hour coaching session with Christine than all the yoga classes I have taken put together!!  Deeply grateful.”

“Christine is a leader in the holistic community who provides an open forum for discussion on a wide range of topics from personal discovery to cultural understanding. She attracts a wonderfully diverse attendance in a comfortable gathering, complete with a home cooked, healthy lunch that is prepared with great care and kindness. Christine selects presenters and subjects of interest that are thought-provoking and stimulate further conversation after the event concludes.

I am impressed with her humble nature, yet strong commitment to education and healing work in the community.”

“After my craniosacral session with Christine, I was thoroughly relaxed and floating peacefully through my errands and drive home (even in Friday evening traffic, where I find myself dropping frequent ‘f-bombs’).

I’ve been practicing and studying bodywork for over 20 years and a session with Christine, gave me new meaning to the often heard phrase, ‘listening with your hands’.  It was a deeply peaceful and profound experience!  I recommend spending some time on Christine’s table!”

“I’ve enjoyed both the yoga classes I’ve taken with Christine as well as the Reiki attunement I received from her. Not only is she knowledgeable, she is a gifted instructor, soft-spoken and humble yet richly intuitive in the work she does.

I highly recommend working with her in whatever platform speaks to you.“

“Christine offers healing hands and words from a generous heart. Her food will nourish your palate and soul. Treat yourself with her gifts.”

“Thank you, dear Christine for a beautiful powerful session yesterday. I’m aware that I was burning off a lot of big stuff – you facilitated that so gently and lovingly. My deepest gratitude.”

About Christine

Christine Hughes

To thrive and be well, an awareness of the interconnectedness of “mind, body and spirit” is required. There are many Spiritual tools and practices that can help bring us into better awareness and alignment.

Christine offers support to clients as they navigate their inward journey to better understand themselves and their place in the world.

She provides energetic support with empathetic listening and teaches a systematic set of practices helping each individual move inward, toward a fuller understanding of themselves. Techniques combine her years of study and personal practice and are from an array of traditions including Transpersonal Psychology, Yoga, Ayurveda, Tantric, Shamanic and Energetic healing techniques.

Christine is firmly convinced that “the outer is a reflection of the inner”. Everyone’s ‘life-path’ is experiential and unfolds perfectly over time. A consistent and ongoing personal practice is a great tool for easing the journey. Clients can benefit whether learning techniques for the first time or wanting to develop a deeper personal home practice that supports their lifestyle of choice.

Christine first began her practice of shamanic studies in 1985 because of her interest in a holistic approach to healing (one that incorporated mind/body and spirit). Her under-graduate work combines study of anthropology, psychology and biology comparing several eastern and shamanic traditions to modern western medicine and an in-depth study of Jungian and Transpersonal  psychology. Christine also holds a Master’s Degree in Public Health and worked as consultant in the health policy field for 22 years.

Almost 15 years ago, Christine took her first yoga class and remembers sitting after class and thinking “Why didn’t anybody ever tell me?!” Despite much study and effort, she had never, until that moment, felt such stillness and comfort in her own body.  She quickly realized that ancient spiritual practices, like yoga, offered a very accessible, systematic set of techniques that could make a real difference in people’s lives. Once we align, ‘seemingly difficult’ things become much easier.  In the next year, she completed two teacher training programs. 200 hours (with Rod Stryker in 2002) and 500 hours (with the Himalayan Institute in 2003 in Allahabad, India). Since completing her teacher training programs 12 years ago, Christine has continued regular and ever-deepening practice including several 1,000 hours studying the ancient yogic and tantric texts and philosophy behind the practices. She has also continued her study of Reiki, energy work, shamanic practices and psychology. She is honored to be part of the Sri Vidya Lineage and a Reiki Master Teacher in both the Usui/Tibetan Lineage and Karuna Reiki® Lineage.  She shares what she has learned and integrated with her clients in a “down-to-earth”, informal and practical way.  She wants everyone to shine and know the beauty of their existence.


  • Reiki
    “Life force energy” (prana) flows through and enlivens us. Whether through intention or “laying on of hands”, Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and well-being.
  • Craniosacral Therapy
    A tune-up for your brain and nervous system: This technique uses a series of systematic very gentle holds on the body, particularly on the head and sacrum. The intent is to remove tension and stress by releasing non-beneficial holding patterns from the fascial system. Basically, I am a facilitator listening with my hands to what your body is telling you. Clients leave feeling relaxed and embodying increased vitality, freedom of movement, and mental clarity. During the session the client is fully clothed lying comfortably on a massage table and may feel warmth or gentle pulsating in the areas I’m working on.
  • Spiritual Wellness Coaching
    “You are what you eat; You become the company you keep”. Who and what, both internally and externally, are supporting you? Oftentimes, we know what we want to change in our lives but would benefit from additional support to help us achieve our and/or maintain our desired goals. “Whenever two or more are gathered..”
  • lotus
    (Svadhyaya or self-reflection) Once we see the inner workings of our mind then we have a choice: it is either time to make an inner (to our thoughts) or an outer (to our actions) adjustment. But how do we do decide? Sometimes developing awareness is enough. Other times contemplation, journaling, and a variety of psychological tools can give us an ever-increasing ability to unravel habit patterns that no longer serve us.
  • Hands on Healing Session
    Blends a combination of Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki and Shamanic energy techniques to bring the body into a deep state of relaxation and healing.

    Includes energetic support with empathetic listening helping each individual identify goals and develop a personal plan for achieving them.

    Recommendations may include self-reflection techniques that provide additional insight into habit patterns that no longer serve the client’s desired goals.

  • Small Group Session (2 to 8 people)
    Small group guided session

    Clients choose from techniques including: breathing, systematic relaxation; yoga/stretching; meditation; and shamanic journeying.

    Private or small group attunements

    Reiki I: half day $125

    Reiki II: half day $250

    Reiki I/II same day:full 8+ hr day $250

    Reiki Master (III): half day $350

    Reiki Master Teacher (IV): half day (includes practice giving attunements) $450

    Reiki III/IV same day: full day 8+hrs $450

    Karuna Practioner 1 and II: full day 8+hrs $375

    Karuna Master Teacher: full day 8+hrs $450

    Karuna Practioner I/II & Master Teacher I/II: two+ full days: $500

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Contact Christine for more information, to schedule a session or be added to her e-mail list!